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Weela - A Community Hero:
by Ruth Gordon
"It Takes a Dog to raise a Village"

Why Do Male Dogs Lift Their Legs:
by Tom Davis
"Why Dogs Do That"

by Arthur Vanderbilt
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by Susan Schaeffer
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Golden Fever

Why Do Male Dogs Lift Their Legs?
Taken From:
Why Dogs Do That.

Well, for one thing, if they stood on all fours, the way pups do (and the way adult dogs will sometimes do in situations of pressing urgency), they'd run the risk of splashing themselves on the backs of their forelegs. This is definitely uncool—sort of the canine equivalent of what happens to certain men when they're not paying attention to business, and as they go to zip up discover that they've rained on their trousers. More to the point, though, when a male dog lifts his leg he's in essence leaving his calling card.

While there may be an element of territoriality involved—"This is my turf, man"—it's primarily a social gesture, a way of announcing to other dogs "I was here." In canine society as in human, it's important to stay in circulation, frequent the trendiest fire hydrants, etc. And, reminiscent of the contests in which young boys so gleefully engage, there's a bit of one-upmanship (updogship?) in the way every leg-lifter tries to make his mark just a tad higher than the last passerby. This can result in some truly awesome displays of balance, flexibility, and marksmanship.

Tom Davis

Why Dogs Do That
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