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Weela - A Community Hero:
by Ruth Gordon
"It Takes a Dog to raise a Village"

Why Do Male Dogs Lift Their Legs:
by Tom Davis
"Why Dogs Do That"

by Arthur Vanderbilt
"Golden Days"

The Dog:
by Susan Schaeffer
"To Absent Friends"

Willow Creek Press
The very best in pet calendars, books, greeting cards, prints and videos designed for pet lovers, sportsmen, wildlife and adventure enthusiasts, cooks and hobbyists. Exceptional dog, cat, horse, wildlife, outdoor sports, scenic and hobby titles.

Say it with Horses
Must-have prints, greeting cards, books and calendars for horse owners and lovers. They’re great to enjoy and collect, and always a welcome and appreciated gift.

Say it with Cats
Prints, greeting cards, books and calendars for cat lovers. A joy to read and collect, and always a thoughtful gift.

Cartoon of the Day
Cartoons taken from:
Golden Fever

Impressive Size
Our 2016 dog calendars are large, 12 x 12 inch format displays the candid images of some of the world's finest animal photographers.

High-Quality Stock
Coated over-weight outside and glossy 100-lb. paper inside allow crisp photo reproduction and pages stay flat when hanging.

Large Spaces to Record Dates
Our grids provide plenty of space to record appointments, birthdays and reminders.

Just Chihuahua Puppies 2016 Calendar

Chihuahua Rules 2016 Calendar

Chow Chows 2016 Calendar
Chow Chows 2016 Calendar
Price: $14.99

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Just Cocker Spaniels 2016 Calendar

Just Corgis 2016 Calendar

Just Corgi Puppies 2016 Calendar

Just Pembroke Corgis 2016 Calendar

Just Dachshunds 2016 Calendar

Just Mini Dachshunds 2016 Calendar

Just Dachshund Puppies 2016 Calendar

Dachshund Rules 2016 Calendar

Just Dalmatians 2016 Calendar

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