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About Our Company

UltiMutt offers uniquely beautiful and inspiring publications from the people of Willow Creek Press We are dedicated to offering you the highest quality calendars, books, prints, and greeting cards to enhance your enjoyment of the beauty and spirit of dogs. Featuring amazing photography and the writing of award winning authors, they are a pleasure to read and collect, and always excellent gifts.

Willow Creek Press/UltiMutt is located in the Wisconsin's beautiful Northwoods. Here, surrounded by nature, animals play an integral role in our lives. Water cooler talk among our professional staff is about the deer or bear that visited last night, the eagles soaring above, or camping, hiking or fishing plans for the approaching weekend. It's also about pets and, of course, dogs.

At Willow Creek Press/UltiMutt our measure of success is the enthusiasm, desire, passion, and love we share for nature, wildlife and our lifestyle. Success is enjoying each and every moment of life. Success is being a little less frantic, a little more relaxed. Success is being a lot more like the dogs you love.

We are proud to offer many of the finest selections of pet, wildlife and lifestyle publications available, so please be sure to visit our other websites: Say it with Cats, Say it with Horses and our home site, Willow Creek Press.

Here's How to Contact Us
Our company address and toll-free phone number are shown at the bottom of every page. You may also contact us via fax (715-358-2807), or email us at info@ultimutt.com